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The Authors

C.T. Bryce is the collaborative pen name for Cass Bryce (genderqueer, they/he/she) and Trevor(cis-male he/him) Bryce, two highly talented and imaginative dark fantasy authors. Together, their love for diversity and gothic horror weaves strong-willed queer protagonists into haunting, suspenseful backdrops. Despite writing novels rife with emotional turmoil, Cass and Trevor express radiant positivity to balance out the darkness in their daily lives. Their goal is simple yet profound: to show people they’re not alone and inspire them to be true to themselves, especially in times of darkness.


When they’re not at their desks plotting sequels to BETWEEN SHADOW AND FLAME, you can find Cass and Trevor soaking up the sun on local hikes and teaming up for tabletop and video gaming. Individually, Trevor is a sous chef, and Cass is a witch with a passion for illustration.

The Series

Welcome to the family Guthanderkaz.

A powerful and ancient legacy, steeped in tradition, old magic, old rivalries, and hidden horrors.

Guthanderkaz is a young adult gothic novel series for fans of dark fantasy, lovecraftian horror, and gothic fiction of all kinds.

With a past shrouded in mystery and a childhood spent constantly on the move, David Rose has lived a life without consequences or connections. The last thing he cared deeply about was his friendship with his barely-remembered brother he hasn't seen since he was seven.
​​​​​​​When he discovers his mother burning a letter from the estranged family they've been running from, David ignores his mother's warnings to reclaim what he lost.
What awaits him is a fog-shrouded castle full of threatening strangers and dangerous secrets. Torn between the meaningful relationships he's always yearned for and his own sense of morality and self, his only hope lies in a power he never knew he possessed.

Book one is a coming-of-age dark fantasy novel.

Book One

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